Hey there, I'm Nici, a lifestyle and wedding photographer as well as a Graphic Designer living in New England. I'm a sucker for sunshine, my pup and all things creative. I could eat Mexican food every.single.day...no joke...give me all the guac and tequila ;). I’m a “Reality" TV junkie (just ask my husband!) and I'm pretty sure I'd die without Bravo and TLC. I love big chunky jewelry, seltzer water, fresh cut flowers, and the Sunday Jeep trips with the husband and pup to the local farmer’s market.

For as long as I can remember I have loved creating and thinking outside the box (now might be good time to apologize to my parents for that one time I scotch taped photos to every square inch of my bedroom door). After graduating college in 2006, I began work as a Graphic Designer. The job was great and allowed me to hone my skills as an artist. Shortly after, I realized I needed more. I made the decision to further my passion and offer my photography and design skills to the public. With a love for what I do, a creative eye, and a goal to treat all customers as family, I started nlbCreative. I’ve been shooting professionally for over seven years now, but have been a photographer all my life.

The memories you want to remember are those I want to photograph. It’s always precious when you can look at an image and hear the giggles of your children or can tell what they are thinking from the sparkle in their eyes. The genuine smile that comes across your face when your significant other leans down and whispers in your ear. It’s special when I can capture the real and true memories that take you back to a moment in time. A father wiping his daughters tears on her wedding day. A childhood best friend toasting the newlyweds. A bride stepping into her wedding gown. When the day becomes a reality.

Your story starts here…